The name “Supperstruck” came into existence many years ago. It was an invention of my younger son who was a big fan of the AC/DC song Thunderstruck. We were driving home from somewhere and I was bemoaning the fact that I had no ideas for supper. He yelled from the back seat, “You’ve been supperstruck!”

Supperstruck, as my son and I define it, is the realization that you have no plan for supper, with mealtime fast approaching. I thought the name was brilliant and always wanted to do something with it, but it took me a while to figure out what that might be. I envisioned an ebook at first, but decided that was too limiting. I wanted something more fluid that I could expand and develop over time, hence this website.  

When I started the site, I based it on the notion of being stumped about supper and other meals.  The goal was to provide recipes and ideas for meals, snacks, and dessert–lots of dessert and baked goods in general. That is still a focus for the site, as I explain in the Supperstruck Primer. 

As I developed this site, my ideas began to extend beyond the initial goal, toward something more profound, at least for me. I’d been thinking a lot about culinary legacy–what we inherit from our families or borrow and learn from other cultures. I’d been thinking too about the times my family was “struck” by supper, both the meals we loved and those we definitely did not. (See my rutabaga experience as an example.) I realized that I wanted more than just a compendium of recipes. I wanted this site to be a record of my culinary experience, knowledge, creations, and lessons learned; a legacy, of sorts, for my kids, and a place they can turn when they are out on their own, looking for foods that are familiar and comforting or reminders about how to make a scone or stock their pantry.  

Supperstruck is not just for them, of course, but it is inspired by the notion of passing down culinary knowledge to the next generation, a modernized version of the dog-eared cookbooks and scribbled recipes I inherited from the wonderful cooks who preceded me. 

Dedicated to Dorothy, Marilyn, and Annie, all cooks and bakers extraordinaire.

A Word on Sponsored Posts

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About Crystal

I am a writer by trade and a parent of two sons. Over the years of raising my kids, cooking has evolved from something primarily utilitarian to something I really enjoy. When I feel ambitious, I cook from scratch, taking inspiration from all cuisines. When I don’t, I rely on shortcuts. I try to create nutritionally balanced meals as often as possible but I’ve stopped feeling guilty if I don’t quite get there. I believe people should enjoy food without obsessing over sugar and fat content. I live by the mantra “everything in moderation,” except when it comes to popcorn, which I consume with reckless abandon whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

Image of popcorn by Seamartini | Dreamstime.com