Baked Chicken Breast

This is my go-to chicken recipe, from the Gimme Some Oven site. It’s easy to make and easy to change up with different seasoning mixes and sauces. The brining and resting/tenting steps are essential and make such a difference in the moisture level of the chicken. I use the brining for whole chickens and turkey breasts as well. 

Brining can go anywhere from 15 minutes to 6 hours; total time after that is about 35 minutes, including prep, roasting, and resting the chicken. Because of the brining, this recipe does require a bit of lead time.

Notes & Tweaks

The original recipe is perfectly delicious but it uses a ceramic baking pan. I find it turns out better for me if I place the chicken on a rack over a foil- or parchment-lined pan. I also find it works very well on convection, and have come to prefer it that way.

If not using convection, broiling for the last few minutes adds a nice texture, as suggested, but keep an eye on it because the edges of the chicken can start to dry out after just a few minutes. 

I’ve never used the spice mix in the original recipe, although I’m sure it’s very good. I use a few different things instead:

  • Bone Dust. A good, all-around dry rub for meat, fish, and even vegetables. 
  • Stubb’s Chicken Rub, which I bought on a whim, but find to have a really distinct flavour featuring smoked salt, honey, garlic and mustard.
  • Barbecue sauce, either homemade or store-bought.
  • Herbes de Provence, homemade or store-bought.

If you go with a barbecue flavour, as with bone dust or barbecue sauce, you can also serve Alabama White Sauce for dipping.

Ready to try it? Visit  Baked Chicken Breast by Gimme Some Oven.

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