Easy Ways with Kale

I love kale but I know it’s a tough sell for a lot of people. Here are a few easy ways to serve this nutritious vegetable. I’ll continue to add to this list as I try new recipes. If you’re new to kale, read my Kale Primer first. And if you are shopping for these recipes, note that I use Tuscan kale, since it is more tender and less bitter than other varieties. 

  • Easy Kale Salad. Just toss some kale with dressing, let it marinate for a few minutes, and finish with some tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. 
  • Kale Salad. This Toronto Star recipe combines steamed kale with cucumber, olives, onion, and lemon juice. It may seem unusual but it’s really good. 
  • Green Smoothie This is not a dinner idea, but it makes a very healthy snack or breakfast option.

Kale image by Mariia Sultanova | Dreamstime

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